devarya singhania was born in nagpur, india. he has always been passionate about creative writing, among other creative interests such as photography and filmmaking. what started as 200 word entries about his adoration for milkshakes, brownies and cookies has now culminated into poetry collections about some rather gruesome topics.

he is currently pursuing a degree in english literature, and aspires to pursue professorship later. through engagements with poetry especially from the mid 20th century and western philosophy of fredrick nietzsche, lao tzu and hume (among others) he has worked towards enhancing his writing capability and simply indulging in endless, existential discussions.​​

his inspiration has primarily been shaped by his body-image issues, anxiety and experiences of growing-up. he realised the roots of his anxiety in 2019, as he began experiencing frequent body trembles and breathlessness, causing him to find a manner through which he could channel this anxious energy. poetry provided him with a glimpse into a larger podium, one with an audience willing to listen, helping him seek some remedy.​

while writing, he began gaining fascinations via mere observations of his surroundings; sky gradients, people's commute to work, affection and greenery and wildlife in nature. thus, he decided to capture these moments through lenses, leading to the development of his passion towards photography, a modem which grants him peace when he's away from writing. as his anxiety grew, he found it grotesque to condense his thoughts into only poems, hence he decided to experiment with filmmaking, as an attempt to further extend an insight into his mind and thoughts.​

apart from book publications, he has also written for literary magazines, for he seeks any attempt and opportunity to write, especially if it can help broadcast his poems further and help one find residence in his writing.

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Devarya Singhania

Devarya Singhania

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Devarya Singhania is a writer with a notable presence in the literary world, their works have been featured in magazines like The Spectatorial and UC Review.